Powder Coating

Get a Superior Finish

B&B PowderCoating & HydroGraphic’s shop is set up to handle jobs of all shapes and sizes. We can powder coat anything from a small single item to large batch production pieces. For over 15 years, we have been serving our community and surrounding areas. We take pride in our work and produce nothing short of a high quality finish. Don’t settle for second-rate powder coating or low quality paint substitutes. Powder coating provides a durable finish and is UV resistant. Restore a project or turn your product into a show piece with a powder coated finish.

Project Items

  • bicycles
  • car rims
  • car/truck frames
  • motorcycle parts
  • intake manifolds
  • axle housings
  • door knobs
  • hand rails
  • shop tools
  • fish hooks
  • mower decks
  • outdoor furniture
  • metal signs
  • light fixtures

Powder Coating is Eco-Friendly

Unlike solvent based paint, powder coating is an eco-friendly process that is solvent free and does not emit harmful air pollutants like VOCs or HAPs into the environment. The powder is non-toxic, does not generate waste, and does not require special disposal.

Types of Finishes

Not only is power coating durable, it’s attractive. There are unlimited colors and textures to choose from. Contact B&B to get a price quote or to view color samples.

  • RAL colors
  • Illusions
  • Transparents
  • Textures
  • Veins
  • Rivers
  • Clears
  • Metallics